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Second hand textile machinery at reasonable prices 

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Textile machinery categories

Used textile knitting machinery at reasonable prices Knitting (Totally 52 offers)
  Sell = 28    Buy = 24   
Used textile weaving machinery at reasonable prices Weaving (Totally 185 offers)
  Sell = 127    Buy = 58   
Used textile spinning machinery at reasonable prices Spinning ( Totally 89 offers)
  Sell = 45    Buy = 44   
Used textile Yarn and fiber machinery at reasonable prices Yarn & Fiber (Totally 3 offers)
  Sell = 2    Buy = 1   
Used textile finishing machinery at reasonable prices Finishing (Totally 54 offers)
  Sell = 20    Buy = 34   
Used textile dyeing machinery at reasonable prices Dyeing (Totally 47 offers)
  Sell = 29    Buy = 18   

Some most recent offers

Has Picture  Knitting / from  PAKISTAN registered on 5/9/2017
hits:  127     

shima-  102,122FF,234FF,234s - 5 knitting machines of shima seiki for sale, Price is for all 5 sets
USD 56,000.00/-each.

Has Picture  Weaving / from  POLAND registered on 5/17/2017
hits:  56     

SOMET -  SM MASTER 93 - 25 x SOMET SM MASTER 93 RAPIER LOOMS, width:220-230, YOC 1989-91
EUR 6,000.00/-each.

Has Picture  Spinning / from  PAKISTAN registered on 5/23/2017
hits:  15     

Rieter-  E-62 - 6 x Rieter Combers E-62 With Uni lap E-30, YOC 2000 - 2001
USD 27,200.00/-each.

Has Picture  Yarn & Fiber / from  CHINA registered on 5/3/2017
hits:  133     

BOLONG-  High Twist Nylon - Nylon High twist mono filament yarn, 15D/1F, Semi-dull, Twist S & Z
USD 4.30/-each.

Has Picture  Finishing / from  CHINA registered on 4/21/2017
hits:  230     

Bleaching machine-  Width 300cm - Bleaching machine, Width 300cm, 12 cylinder, Total length 40 Meter, Yoc 2009
USD 200,000.00/-each.

Has Picture  Dyeing / from  LITHUANIA registered on 5/19/2017
hits:  24     

Zimmer-  Rotary printing - Zimmer rotary printing 20 and 12 colors, at lowest possible price
> EUR 28,000.00/-each.

Has Picture  Hosiery / from  ITALY registered on 4/27/2017
hits:  252     

LONATI-  TOP CONFORT L404 MR - Lonati top confort L 404 MR ,4” x 400 Needles, Yoc 1997
EUR 7,500.00/-each.

Has Picture  Embroidery / from  TAIWAN registered on 3/25/2017
hits:  320     

KuangPo-  KP528 - KuangPo sewing machines, KP528, Origin Taiwan, NEW
USD 30.00/-each.

Has Picture  Products / from  CHINA registered on 3/29/2017
hits:  306     

Women Sweater-  100% cashmere - ROUND Neck women Sweater 100% cashmere,
USD 48.00/-each.

Has Picture  Spare Parts / from  HONG KONG registered on 11/2/2016
hits:  592    

Groz-Beckert-  Vosa-Spec - Groz-Beckert needle
USD 1.00 /-each.

Has Picture  Plant / from  POLAND registered on 5/17/2017
hits:  31     

DORNIER-  HTVS8/S - Complate Plant DORNIER HTVS8/S WEAVING PLANT,width WIDTH 220CM, Yoc 1994
EUR 215,000.00 /-all.

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We made 10 Category of textile machines:
1) - Knitting branches consist of flat knitting machines, circular knitting machines and Raschel knitting machines. There are many brands that product such machines, including Shima Seiki from Japan, Stoll GmbH from Germany, Universal from Germany, Protti from Italia and Raschel for curtain cloth and So on.
2) - Weaving branches consist of ordinary Weaving machines, air jet Weaving machines, water jet Weaving machines and non-Woven Weaving machines. There are also many factory that made a famous brand like Somet, Picanol, Sulzer, Dornier, Vamatex, Van de wiele, Tsudakoma, Fehrer and Toyoda.
3) - Spinning branches that consist of all machines from beginning of spinning plant. There is Blowing room, Carding room, Calander, Saurer Schlafhorst open end, Rieter airjet spinning, Elitex open end,Toyota ring frame, Garnett nonwoven cards, Cosmatex card willow, Trutzschler blend line, Blowing machines and so on.
4) – Finishing branches consist of Mercerising, Singeing, Flame retardant, Water repellent machines.
5) - Hosiery branches consist of Santoni, Lonati, Matec, Sangiacomo, Takatory, Detexomat, Rosso Industries, Conti Complett, tecnopea machines for Stockings, Socks, Gloves, pantyhose making machines.