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Second hand textile machinery at reasonable prices 

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Textile machinery categories

Used textile knitting machinery at reasonable prices Knitting (Totally 73 offers)
  Sell = 44    Buy = 29   
Used textile weaving machinery at reasonable prices Weaving (Totally 243 offers)
  Sell = 158    Buy = 85   
Used textile spinning machinery at reasonable prices Spinning ( Totally 154 offers)
  Sell = 87    Buy = 67   
Used textile Yarn and fiber machinery at reasonable prices Yarn & Fiber (Totally 9 offers)
  Sell = 7    Buy = 2   
Used textile finishing machinery at reasonable prices Finishing (Totally 90 offers)
  Sell = 53    Buy = 37   
Used textile dyeing machinery at reasonable prices Dyeing (Totally 74 offers)
  Sell = 52    Buy = 22   

Some most recent offers

Has Picture  Knitting / from  GREECE registered on 2/15/2018
hits:  1192     

PILLOTELI-  DJL - D: 36″ / GG: 18 / F: 60 / PILLOTELI / DJL, YEAR 1998
EUR 11,500.00 /-each.

Has Picture  Weaving / from  TURKEY registered on 8/15/2018
hits:  1     

Picanol-  GTMAS 190 cm - 12 sets Picanol GTMAS 190 cm 8 colours 2660 dobby 18 shafts installing
EUR 6,300.00 /-each.

Has Picture  Spinning / from  INDONESIA registered on 7/4/2018
hits:  177     

Rieter-  E72 - N6805- 2 X Rieter E72 Comber, Yoc 2001
USD 33,600.00 /-each.

Has Picture  Yarn & Fiber / from  GREECE registered on 1/12/2018
hits:  785     

EUR 36,500.00 /-each.

Has Picture  Finishing / from  CHINA registered on 6/24/2018
hits:  249     

Benninger-  Mercerizing - Mercerizing Machine, Germany origin, 2 meter working width, Yoc 2003
USD 477,000.00 /-all.

Has Picture  Dyeing / from  CHINA registered on 6/24/2018
hits:  242     

Thies-  dyeing 1500kg - 2 x Thies dyeing 1500kg and Other machines and prices
> USD 74,000.00 /-each.

Has Picture  Hosiery / from  ITALY registered on 2/2/2018
hits:  732     

LONATI-  LA 04 E7 - LONATI LA 04 E7 x 4” x 400N.( with full jacquard patterns ) x year 2011
EUR 12,400.00 /-each.

Has Picture  Embroidery / from  TAIWAN registered on 3/25/2017
hits:  2059     

KuangPo-  KP528 - KuangPo sewing machines, KP528, Origin Taiwan, NEW
USD 30.00 /-each.

Has Picture  Products / from  CHINA registered on 3/29/2017
hits:  2012     

Women Sweater-  100% cashmere - ROUND Neck women Sweater 100% cashmere,
USD 48.00 /-each.

Has Picture  Plant / from  SERBIA & MONTENEGRO registered on 2/1/2018
hits:  527     

SOMET/BENNIONGER/MULLER-  1985 - (190717SSS) - Complete Plant for the Blankets Production, 1985
EUR 300,000.00 /-all.